This blog aims to accomplish two things. Given how quickly events are reported, misreported, and dropped by the MSM, we want to go back and see if we can't find some answers to questions that were and were not asked. Second, because the lazy MSM's chief tool for what passes as journalism is to quote pundits without having done any homework,the right questions don't get asked. We want to provide our readers the contact information for these pundits so we can ask them directly.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pump the brakes on Bernanke

As the Obama admin's commitment to financial sector regulatory reform seem lukewarm at best I would implore the liberal senators on the Finance Committee to hold up Bernanke's confirmation for a second term as Fed Chairman until meaningful (no 'too big to fail', position limits on all commodities derivatives, all derivatives traded on open exchanges, etc.) financial regulatory reform is signed by the President.
This is one of the few times senators who REALLY want to rein in the run amok risk-takers will have some real political leverage. Summers and Geithner certainly don't seem inclined to do much...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Question on a legal term
What’s it called when a lawyer’s client tells the lawyer exactly what he/she wants as a result of the lawyer’s ‘opinion’?
This is exactly what happened with Yoo and Bybee with the ‘client’ being Addington representing Cheney and, by extension Bush.
In reading today’s NY Times Business section article about how Bank of America claims it ‘relied’ on outside lawyers to determine the legality of keeping Merrill Lynch bonus information secret from B of A shareholders I was struck by the similarity.

There must be a cute word for this in the legal world. Does anybody know what it is?

Friday, August 21, 2009

A VERY sensitive question - DON'T MISUNDERSTAND
If, like me, you sense a certain timidity in our President's tactics and strategy in dealing with a clearly obstructionist opposition, do you think it's possible he is considering the affect his performance as President will have on the fate of future African-American candidates? Does being 'the first' neccesitate an inherent lack of forcefulness? Will the same thing happen when we elect the first woman?
I wish there were some way we could reassure President Obama (and ourselves) that this is the one thing HE DOESN'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT.
Readers, please weigh in and keep it thoughtful.

After a lengthy hiatus back in cubicle world your faithful trblmkr is back. Yippee.
Like many of you I am teetering on the razor's edge of 'giving the benefit of the doubt' and 'this ain't what I signed up for' vis a vis the Obama administration.
Part of me (shrinking by day) wants to believe the the Prez and those around him are Mr. Spock-like geniuses, 7 moves ahead of their opposition in a game of three-dimensional chess. The other, growing part of me is beginning to fear they are a reincarnation of Carter's Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight minus the idealism.
Is it just me but is the admin 'cooperating', equivocating, or just 'moving on' on EVERY MAJOR ISSUE from addressing the Cheney/Bush Constitutional asswipe to prosecution of financial criminals?
What do you think?