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Friday, August 21, 2009

After a lengthy hiatus back in cubicle world your faithful trblmkr is back. Yippee.
Like many of you I am teetering on the razor's edge of 'giving the benefit of the doubt' and 'this ain't what I signed up for' vis a vis the Obama administration.
Part of me (shrinking by day) wants to believe the the Prez and those around him are Mr. Spock-like geniuses, 7 moves ahead of their opposition in a game of three-dimensional chess. The other, growing part of me is beginning to fear they are a reincarnation of Carter's Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight minus the idealism.
Is it just me but is the admin 'cooperating', equivocating, or just 'moving on' on EVERY MAJOR ISSUE from addressing the Cheney/Bush Constitutional asswipe to prosecution of financial criminals?
What do you think?


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