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Friday, September 04, 2009

WashPost claims Corker(R-TN) wants to 'meet halfway'

In a poorly written article that makes it sound as if both sides have been acting crazy and that Democratic reform proposals are just crazy, Shalaigh Murray makes the GOPs behavior look reasoned and logical. The public option is a 'non-starter' but govt subsidies to private insurers to cover the poor is a good idea. Oh yeah, an open 'policy exchange' (as if there would be such a difference between companies that would never, ever collude) is also floated.
So, even some GOPers believe "the status quo is not a popular alternative" yet it's the public option that's gotta go.
I remember the mocking tone these same people had about anyone who doubted the logic of invading Iraq; "What would you do, give him(Saddam) a stern warning?"
Well, unlike Saddam, private insurers ARE killing Americans and Republicans just want to issue them a 'stern warning.' I say they're 'soft on terror', the terror of seeing your family fall apart because of untreated illness and/or unpaid bills.


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